Forsyth Barr Esam Cushing

Forsyth Barr Esam Cushing is proud to be a local Hastings based firm with the benefits of providing the full range of investment services from Forsyth Barr. The company was formed in 2010, merging the over 100 years’ history of Esam Cushing with the 75 years of Forsyth Barr.

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In the company merger, Forsyth Barr acquired a 50% interest in NZX firm Esam Cushing Limited of Hastings and from 1 June 2010 the name of Esam Cushing Limited changed to Forsyth Barr Esam Cushing Limited.

Esam Cushing Director Sir Selwyn Cushing and his fellow directors considered carefully the interests of clients and staff.  They endorsed Forsyth Barr as the best option to provide existing clients with an enhanced service whilst retaining independence as a local Hastings firm.  

Forsyth Barr Esam Cushing provides clients with access to high quality research, systems and investment reporting from Forsyth Barr as well as a full range of products and services.  The two companies share the same values and joining together has been a positive step for both firms. 

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