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From Participation to Performance


Forsyth Barr proudly sponsored the Women’s Classic race as part of the Three Peaks RIDE New Zealand Cycling Festival from 23-27 January 2019.

The Forsyth Barr Women’s Classic involved a separate start time and cash prizes for the top five place-getters. Forsyth Barr also provided the top three women’s Under 19 place-getters with an opportunity to lunch with elite cyclists Alison Shanks and Hamish Bond

The top five women place-getters overall were:

  1. Kirstie James
  2. Rushlee Buchanan
  3. Holly Edmondston
  4. Ally Woolaston
  5. Rylee McMullen

The top three place-getters in the Women’s U19 category were:

  1. Ally Wollaston 
  2. Emma Hannan 
  3. Lucy Thomson

U19 WOmens PrizeGiving

Three Peaks RIDE New Zealand’s Cycling Festival and Forsyth Barr aspire to build upon the some of the great success New Zealand’s women’s cycling has experienced over the years and create an environment where the Forsyth Barr Women’s Classic is deemed one of the premier women’s races in New Zealand.

To help promote the women’s race and add to the RIDE Festival programme of events, Forsyth Barr hosted the "Participation to Performance" panel discussion on Wednesday 23 January. Forsyth Barr would like to thank Alison Shanks, Rushlee Buchanan, Hamish Bond and Rachel Froggatt for their insightful, informed and considered comments. They each provided unique perspectives on the pathway to achieving success in high performance sport and the specific challenges faced by female athletes.

Forsyth Barr is committed to supporting women in sport and women in leadership.  If you would like to find out more, please contact our team at our Hamilton or Cambridge offices.

Participation to performance panel discussion  Women In Sport
Photo: Hamish Bond of Forsyth Barr, with Rushlee Buchanan, Alison Shanks, and Rachel Froggatt .

Open Women PrizeGiving  Sponsoring RIDE festival

Left: Top two place-getters in the Womens Open section of the 66km event. Right: Roger FitzGerald (Hamiton Manager), Michelle Rolley (Cambridge Manager) and Hamish Bond (Investment Adviser) announce the sponsorship of the Forsyth Barr Women's Classic.

From Participation to Performance