GMT Bond Issuer Limited Bond Offer

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Posted 11 May 2017

Goodman (NZ) Limited, the manager of Goodman Property Trust ("GMT"), has today announced that GMT Bond Issuer Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of GMT) (“Issuer”) is considering making an offer of seven year, fixed rate, senior secured retail bonds ("Goodman+Bonds") to institutional and New Zealand retail investors. 

The Goodman+Bonds will be direct, secured, senior debt obligations of the Issuer and will be guaranteed by GMT. 

Forsyth Barr is a Co-Manager to the offer. 

It is expected that full details of the offer will be released in later May, when the offer is expected to open. The offer will be made pursuant to the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 as an offer of debt securities of the same class as existing quoted debt securities.  The Goodman+Bonds are expected to be quoted on the NZX Debt Market.  

No money is currently being sought and no Goodman+Bonds can be applied for or acquired until the offer opens and the investor receives a terms sheet. 

Investors can now register their by contacting their financial advisor. Indications of interest will not constitute an obligation or commitment of any kind.

Forsyth Barr Limited is a Co-Manager to the Offer and will receive fees in relation to this role.  This information is general in nature and should not be regarded as personalised investment advice. Disclosure Statements are available on request and free of charge.

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