Have my investments managed for me

If you need advice on or management of your investment portfolio, Forsyth Barr can help.

You may not have the time or inclination to actively manage your investments. Or you may be seeking to build an investment portfolio and need our advice.

Our qualified Investment Advisers can help plan, provide advice on or manage your portfolio to meet your long-term investment and lifestyle objectives.

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Portfolio advice

Forsyth Barr's Premium Advisory Service brings together all areas of our expertise, advice, administration and reporting. You make the investment decisions supported by our latest research and personalised advice. 

We take care of all the administration, record-keeping and safe custody requirements for your portfolio, and provide the advice you need to make confident investment decisions.  Your Investment Adviser is on call to transact and place orders, while you retain full control of how your money is invested. 

Complete portfolio management

If you require a more complete service and prefer your Investment Adviser to make the investment decisions, Forsyth Barr's Private Portfolio Management service is for you.  This is our most comprehensive investment management service.  Your Investment Adviser takes care of the day to day management of your portfolio, within mutually agreed parameters.  This service takes care of all the administration, record-keeping and safe custody requirements for your portfolio.

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  • Sharebroking services  - if you don't require advice your Investment Adviser can buy or sell securities as required and provide research on securities and markets.
  • Investment advice - if you do not require a portfolio advisory or management service but would like to have investment advice and support available when you need it.
  • Research - all clients, via their Investment Adviser have access to Forsyth Barr Research.
If you're new to investing or just have a question please call us: 0800 367 227