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Forsyth Barr and Federated Farmers of New Zealand announce strategic partnership


Forsyth Barr and Federated Farmers of New Zealand have signed a strategic partnership to form a close alignment between the national operations of the two organisations.

Forsyth Barr Managing Director Neil Paviour-Smith says there is a natural alignment between the two organisations with both having 24 offices nationwide, including in significant farming communities.

“We understand the very important contributions the industry makes, and some of the challenges facing farmers today. Our goal is to make Forsyth Barr’s expertise available, supporting Federated Farmers’ goal of adding value to the business of farming for its members,” he says.

Federated Farmers of New Zealand is the country’s leading independent rural advocacy organisation. It works to give farmers a collective voice at both a national and provincial level, along with a particular focus on enabling good management practice. 

Federated Farmers Chief Executive Officer Terry Copeland says the alignment and opportunity for close partnership is high. “Our goal is to provide our members access to broad knowledge and expertise. We believe they will find real value in accessing Forsyth Barr’s macro/sector insights, and specific investment management and advice expertise”.

In announcing the partnership, Neil Paviour-Smith emphasised, “The economic contribution of the farming industry to New Zealand is huge. But this is the sum total of the contributions made by individual farmers, all running complex businesses, all contributing to their local communities. We look forward to playing a part in helping them thrive.”

Under the partnership, Forsyth Barr will deliver market and sector insight and analysis, investment advice and wealth management services to members of Federated Farmers through a variety of channels including seminars, publications and advisory sessions.

Forsyth Barr and Federated Farmers of New Zealand announce strategic partnership