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Tailored fund portfolio

Navigator service

Navigator provides access to the expertise of a qualified Investment Adviser, supported by the wider capabilities of Forsyth Barr. Navigator delivers a diversified portfolio of curated Managed Funds, customised for you based on a comprehensive understanding of your financial situation and goals.

Service overview

Experienced Financial Adviser

A qualified, experienced financial adviser will work with you and will be available for you to contact at any time. They will work with you to ensure your portfolio aligns to your investment goals reflecting your specific needs and circumstances.

Best-in-class technology

Based on your investment strategy, best-in-class technology monitors your portfolio daily, making changes as needed to ensure your investments remain aligned to your investment objectives and market movements.

Simplified investing

Having agreed your investment parameters with your Investment Adviser, you can leave the day-to-day management and administration of your portfolio to us, leaving you with more time to do the things you enjoy. The individual Managed Funds, and Navigator portfolios, are overseen by a group of Forsyth Barr’s most experienced investment experts.

PIE Tax Benefits

The funds offered by Navigator are multi-rate PIEs, delivering you the benefit of paying tax at the rate applicable to your circumstances. The maximum tax rate on income received through the Navigator service is set at 28%.

Included in this service

The use of a carefully selected set of Managed Funds provides you the benefit of a diversified portfolio delivered in a cost-efficient way. Through your dedicated Investment Adviser, and the wider capabilities of Forsyth Barr, Navigator delivers a range of additional benefits.

Customised for you

Your adviser will work with you to formulate your investment strategy based upon your financial situation, goals, wealth management needs and tolerance for risk. 

Simple processes and visibility

Navigator makes it easy for you to make contributions or withdrawals at any time. You will have continuous visibility of your portfolio through Forsyth Barr’s website and apps.

Reviews and Reporting

Your adviser will deliver you an annual review detailing your portfolio’s performance, and reviewing your investment objectives and financial circumstances. You will also receive regular reporting including quarterly portfolio reports and year-end tax reports.

You can read more detailed information in our Scope of service and Service disclosure statement or view useful information to help you choose a financial advice service.

Talk to us

Our Investment Advisers can talk you through the benefits of each of our range of investment services, and help you decide which best suits you.