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Forsyth Barr offers a world-class team of advisers right here in New Zealand, delivering innovative financial services and investment opportunities, supported by award-winning local and global research.

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With all of New Zealand operating at the ‘orange light’ setting our offices are open. 

All offices continue to follow appropriate COVID-19 related measures.

If you would prefer, our staff can also assist you with any matter over the phone, video or via email.

For further assistance, or if you have any questions, please contact your Investment Adviser(s) directly, or call us on 0800 367 227

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Holdings in Russian Securities

The horrific humanitarian tragedy unfolding in the Ukraine has shocked us all. Movement by the global community to impose sanctions has been swift. And the withdrawal of capital by investors and companies with business links to Russia has been of an unprecedented scale. Forsyth Barr, through investments on behalf of our clients, has no exposure to any Russian state bonds or Russian listed companies. We are monitoring the operations, revenue exposures and public commitments of the international companies we invest in on your behalf. If you would like to discuss this topic, please contact your Investment Adviser.

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We provide clients comprehensive access to global market knowledge. This includes our own award-winning research, international research via our affiliates, full market data across multiple New Zealand and Australian indices and up-to-the minute global financial news.

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Summer was established with the goal of assisting people to make the most of their KiwiSaver opportunity.

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Special Report: Artificial Intelligence - A guide to AI and implications for New Zealand

Artificial intelligence (AI) represents one of the largest opportunities for industry since the advent of electricity. AI enables us to create, improve, and externalise amplifiers for our minds and intellect, but it can also be dangerous and carries real risk. This has already had a profound effect on virtually every field of human endeavour — from medicine, to finance, to transportation. Going forward, AI will disrupt and augment current industrial processes and fundamentally transform how businesses operate. This report sheds light on what AI is and what it isn't, what competitive advantages it could deliver, its practical and ethical risks, and how to harness the power of AI responsibly. We take a closer look at the main listed sectors and how AI could impact these businesses over the short and medium term. The report also includes the inaugural Forsyth Barr Corporate AI survey. The survey provides on the ground insight about the gaps between the potential for applications of AI and the realities of current implementations in the New Zealand companies surveyed.

Click here to download a copy.

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