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Build your own portfolio

Premium Advisory Service

Get the advice you need from us to build your own portfolio while, we handle the transactions, monitoring, and reporting.

Service overview

Partner with a trusted adviser

Work with your Investment Adviser to create a personalised investment portfolio. Your adviser will provide you with personalised advice and recommendations based on your agreed investment profile and investment objectives. Active monitoring and scheduled updates will keep you well informed, while regular drawings or lump sum payments can be easily arranged as required.

As involved as you choose

This service works well for people who wish to take an active hand in managing their investments. If you’re preparing for retirement, or have capital requiring investment, this service provides you guidance and advice to support your investment strategy, while you retain an active role in decision-making.

Access high-quality research

Our award-winning research will provide you with insight into key events and market movements across equity, fixed interest and investment strategy research, along with daily and weekly market summaries and economic updates.

A range of digital services

Keep track of your investments from either your mobile or desktop. View your portfolio and key reporting, and monitor financial news and market movement, as well as accessing Forsyth Barr’s award-winning research.

Included in this service

The Premium Advisory Service provides you an Investment Adviser delivering you personalised advice, including opinions and recommendations on transacting in markets and securities, and a team to manage transactions on your behalf and deliver you comprehensive portfolio administration and reporting.

Investment Advice

Create an investment plan with your adviser and have regular portfolio reviews. Your advisers understanding of your financial situation, goals, wealth management needs and tolerance for risk will guide the advice they provide.

Simplified administration and reporting

This service can reduce the burden of portfolio administration and reporting. Our professional team will deliver you comprehensive management and safe-custody administration services and regular reports, including year-end tax reporting.

Cash Management

As part of the service, a cash management account makes it simple for you to deposit or withdraw funds, invest in other currencies, settle transactions and receive income and dividends from your share portfolio.

You can read more detailed information in our Investment brochure, Scope of service and Service disclosure statement or view useful information to help you choose a financial advice service.

Talk to us

Our Investment Advisers can talk you through the benefits of each of our range of investment services, and help you decide which best suits you.