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CA ANZ Member Benefits Programme

Proud to partner with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

Forsyth Barr is delighted to be a strategic partner with CA ANZ. Our advisers work closely with CA ANZ accountants throughout New Zealand and are looking forward to building and strengthening those alliances. 


CA ANZ Member Benefits

Forsyth Barr's partnership with CA ANZ offers members access to education and network opportunities. Empowering you to inform and educate, we offer thought leadership, highly-rated research, and topical seminars and webinars to keep you, and your clients, in the loop.

Exclusive CA ANZ Member On Demand Webinar

Responding to Trust Tax Changes: Not as Easy as PIE

Forsyth Barr is delighted to offer an exclusive on demand CA ANZ webinar on why moving clients’ investments into PIE funds might not be the only or right option. Click here to view.

Expert Analysis

Forsyth Barr's highly-rated research team regularly publish reports and white papers on a variety of topical themes. For a copy of these publications please don't hesitate to contact


Tax Guide for New Zealand Investors

When choosing an investment product or service there are many things to consider including the quality of the adviser or fund manager, expected returns, potential risks and volatility, alignment with your investment objectives (financial and other, e.g. responsible investing), fees (including any hidden costs inside investment products that you ultimately bear), and the cost and complexity around tax.

Tax can be complex and confusing, but it can also impact your investment returns. Considering the tax imposed across different investment options should be an important factor in your investment selection process. There is no one-size-fits-all tax structure or vehicle that is optimal for all New Zealand investors – it varies depending on whether you’re a lower or higher marginal tax payer, or, for example, an individual, company, trust, or a charity.

In this paper we explore the common investment channels New Zealand investors use, identify where they are susceptible to tax leakage, and, hopefully, better equip you to make informed decisions that will help enhance your after-tax returns. 

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Helping Shape the Future: Guide for Not-for-Profit Investment Governance

New Zealand has around 28,000 registered charities — one for every 190 people, the highest per capita in the world — and a total of more than 115,000 NFP organisations.

Many of these entities manage significant financial resources which are aimed toward fulfilling their mission today and in the future.

This paper provides a governance guide for charities and other not-for-profit (NFP) organisations. We are happy to discuss in further detail with any interested parties.

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Starting the ESG Conversation

Investors beginning their ESG journey may find they have more questions and ambitions than answers and solutions. That’s okay. Determining and implementing an ESG policy in an investment portfolio is typically an evolution over time, rather than a set and forget exercise.

The initial steps for any individual or organisation wanting to incorporate ESG within their investment portfolio are:

  1. Education: understand the terminology.
  2. Ensure values are defined.
  3. Identify what you want to achieve (risk, return, impact, alignment of values).
  4. Take the first steps to incorporate authentic ESG solutions.
  5. Establish longer–term ambitions.

This will not result in a perfect outcome on day one but should be viewed as the first steps in a long–term process.

If you would like to explore how to reflect your values into your clients' investment portfolios please talk to your adviser. The team at Forsyth Barr is always happy to help.

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Focus Articles

Forsyth Barr Focus presents a perspective on key market dynamics. These are designed to highlight issues we believe are particularly relevant for long-term investors, and to focus on opportunities that will benefit portfolios in the years ahead. If you have any questions, our Forsyth Barr Investment Advisers, supported by our research team, are available to provide you with further insight and advice.

Focus 73 Akl Future Fund Email Header ResizedImageWzYwMCwyNzdd

Auckland Future Fund

Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown has proposed establishing a regional wealth fund, the Auckland Future Fund, to manage some of the city’s assets. There are details to be worked through, but on face value we believe the idea has merit.
FBFocus72 WereOnlyHumanApr2024 ResizedImageWzYwMCwyNzdd

We're only human

Recently, psychologist Daniel Kahneman passed away, aged 90. Kahneman, alongside his Israeli compatriot Amos Tversky, pioneered the study of behavioural economics
FBFocus70 DonBraidInterviewMar2024 1 ResizedImageWzYwMCwyNzdd

Interview with Don Braid of Mainfreight

Mainfreight was born in 1978 as a no-frills, low cost freight service using the government-owned Coastal Trader weekly run between Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin, and a Bedford truck.

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