Becoming a client of Forsyth Barr

Becoming a client of Forsyth Barr is a straightforward process. It is the first step in establishing a relationship with us. The video provides a quick overview.

Once complete we can assist you with your investing requirements, whatever they may be.

Opening your account: 3 options

Choose how you would like to proceed with opening an account from the three options below:

1. Download and proceed online

The documents you will need are available at Forms and Documents.  There are different Client Information Schedules depending on the nature of your required account.  For example: individual, joint, trust, etc.  

Please read through the documents, complete as required and return them to us.  It is a regulatory requirement that we receive the original signed version(s) from you.

2. Call us

If you need assistance or want to know what to do next, please call us on 0800 367 227, which will direct you to our nearest branch.  We can walk you through the process and make sure you receive the appropriate documents to complete.

3. Come and see us

Contact us on 0800 367 227 to set up a meeting with one of our Investment Advisers at a branch near you.  We can discuss what we offer and assist with the necessary documentation.  

Or simply call in and let us know you would like to set up an account.

Understanding our services

Before opening an account, please familiarise yourself with the Terms and Conditions for Forsyth Barr Limited. 

You will also need to understand the services that we provide and choose one that best suits your requirements:

Our Scope of Service documents summarise the four primary services we provide for private clients.  These include a range of services from transaction/execution services, to investment advice, to investment monitoring, to investment management services.

If you're new to investing or just have a question please call us: 0800 367 227