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The Forsyth Barr Investment Funds provide professional management of your funds. Whether you are just starting to save, or you are an experienced investor, these Funds provide you with diversification, flexibility and choice across different investment sectors.

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Forsyth Barr Investment Funds at a glance

  • Portfolios of equities, listed property, and fixed interest and other securities
  • Research-driven investment decisions
  • Active management by a professional fund manager
  • PIE compliant funds providing tax advantages to investors relative to direct investing
  • Options for you to invest lump sums or make regular contributions
  • Quick and convenient access to your investment if your circumstances change
  • The ability to set up regular withdrawals for those wanting cashflow

Governing documents

You can view our master trust deed and establishment deeds for each of the fund in addition to our Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives (SIPO).

Investment Fund selection

Forsyth Barr offers six investment funds:

Our investment style

We invest in selected securities irrespective of their size in comparative indices and invest in preferred securities rather than replicating a stock index.  It’s a style of investing that we consider many people favour. We believe funds that are overly rigid or constrained in the way they invest do not serve investors well.  

Our emphasis on active investment selection is underpinned by an investment philosophy that demands a well-researched and disciplined approach, and clearly defined investment objectives, all within a strong compliance culture.

Investment philosophy

We believe that there are opportunities in financial markets for active managers to exploit and that an actively managed portfolio of investments will, over time, provide better returns than a simple buy-and-hold strategy.

We use a “bottom up” approach to select investments for the Forsyth Barr Investment Funds, and seeks to invest in securities that are trading at an attractive price when compared to our assessment of their intrinsic value. To do this, we review investment criteria such as earnings prospects, risk level, qualitative analysis of business strengths and weaknesses, and relative value against similar investments or other opportunities. Similarly, we will seek to exit investments which are trading at a price that is high compared to intrinsic value. Relative value does not always change quickly, and so the Forsyth Barr Investment Funds’ investments are often medium- to long-term.

We also review the Forsyth Barr Investment Funds’ overall composition on a “top down” basis, taking into account macro-economic, political, sectoral and regional considerations.

Responsible Investment

Responsible investment, including environmental, social and governance considerations, is taken into account in the investment policies and procedures of the Funds as follows:

  • Before we make a direct investment for a Fund, we assess whether, in our opinion, the relevant entity is directly engaged in any of the following activities:
    • the manufacture of cluster munitions
    • the manufacture or testing of nuclear explosive devices
    • the manufacture of anti-personnel mines
    • the manufacture of tobacco products
    • the processing of whale meat

If our assessment is that the entity is directly engaged in any of those activities, then we don’t make the investment.

We will make our assessment based on the framework made available by the NZ Super Fund (see  We will ensure that none of our direct investments are on the NZ Super Fund’s exclusion list because of engagement in any of those activities at the time of purchase.

If we make a direct investment and subsequently form the view that the relevant entity is directly engaged in any of the activities listed above, we will sell the investment in a reasonable timeframe. We will check our direct investments against the most recently published NZ Super Fund exclusion list at least monthly.

Before a Fund invests into an underlying managed investment scheme that we don’t manage, we will consider the responsible investment framework for that scheme.  We will seek to invest in underlying schemes with responsible investment frameworks comparable to ours, where we can do that without compromising our other investment objectives.  At the end of each quarter, we will make available on our website a list of any of the underlying scheme’s direct investments (as are available to us) where we consider that the relevant entity is directly engaged in any of the activities above (based on the NZ Super Fund’s exclusion list at that time).

As at 31 March 2019 the Forsyth Barr Investment Funds did not invest into any underlying managed investment schemes.

Tax benefits

Being PIE regime compliant funds, any capital gains made on most investments in New Zealand shares and most listed Australian shares will not be taxable to the Fund (or you), irrespective of the level of trading undertaken.

In addition, investors choose the marginal tax rate applicable to their circumstances, but with the maximum tax rate paid on income received by the Funds set at 28%. Where tax is deducted at the correct rate, no other tax is payable by individual investors on PIE income. This can present a significant tax advantage to investors on higher marginal tax rates.


Forsyth Barr Investment Management Ltd is the manager of the Investment Funds. You can read the Funds Product Disclosure Statement here or request a copy from one of our offices, or by calling us on 0800 367 227

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