Margin lending

Leveraged Equities Finance Limited (LEFL) is a specialist margin lending operation that provides finance in NZD and AUD based on your investment portfolio as security. This flexible credit facility enables you to take advantage of any investment opportunities that may arise, such as new issues, rights issues or increasing your exposure to an existing security.

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Leveraged Equities at a glance

  • Loans are available in New Zealand and Australian dollars at competitive rates
  • Floating and fixed term loans are available
  • A wide range of New Zealand and Australian securities may be lodged as security, allowing borrowings of up to 80% against the market value of those securities
  • Portfolios are updated daily, with instant downloading of statements online
  • Interest paid on borrowed funds may be tax deductible, depending on your individual circumstances
  • Online access to your account
  • You can also utilise LEFL's short selling facility

Why use this service?

A margin lending facility with Leveraged Equities will allow you to drawdown funds in New Zealand dollars and Australian dollars. This will allow you to participate in both New Zealand and Australian investment opportunities.
Generally interest is charged on a floating basis, however you may elect to draw down some or all of your loan on a fixed rate basis.
Once you have decided what amount and funding period you choose for your fixed rate advance, we will advise you whether we are willing to make the advance, and the interest rate applicable. You must then confirm whether you accept that interest rate.
View the Margin Lending Brochure, Product Disclosure Statement and Application forms
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