Regular saving

You may be thinking about saving, be it for your first home, an overseas trip, or perhaps you are looking to the future.

Either way, Forsyth Barr can help you.

Call us on 0800 367 227 to get started

Cash Management

Placing your money at call through the Forsyth Barr Cash Management Service enables you to earn a competitive return on your cash while you save or plan your future investments.

This service provides you with at call NZ dollars (NZD) and foreign currency accounts which provide competitive returns on NZ dollars, Australian dollars, US dollars, British pounds, Canadian dollars and the Euro.  

Investment Funds (managed funds)

Whether you are just starting to save, or whether you are an experienced investor, our range of Investment Funds provide you with diversification, flexibility, and choice.  

We provide tax efficient investment funds across equities and fixed interest sectors.  

You can save regular amounts or invest a lump sum.

If you're new to investing or just have a question please call us: 0800 367 227