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Becoming a client of Forsyth Barr

How to invest with us

The process of becoming a client may be slightly different depending on your situation and the kind of service that suits you best. For example, there are differences between setting up an individual or joint account compared to a more complex Trust, and a different account type will be most appropriate if you are wanting to make a one-off transaction versus creating an investment portfolio. View our choosing an advice service page for information to help you decide if our financial advice services meet your needs.

If you are an individual, ready to invest, or wanting to invest on behalf of a trust, charity, company, or similar, you can get started by using the online form below.

What to expect

  • Please start by completing the form below. This will help us connect you with an Adviser close to you and understand the type of investment service that may suit you best.

  • Complete the online application form. If you are wanting to open an individual account you will be asked to get started by completing an online application form to set up a transactional account.

  • An Investment Adviser will contact you. An Adviser will be in touch to discuss the investment service type that best suits you and to explain the process of opening your account.

  • Additional information may be required. To comply with the industry regulators’ requirements, an Adviser may ask for further ID details based on the investment service type you will be using.

Start here

Fill out the following information and an Investment Adviser near you will help with the rest.

For more information on becoming a client view our Forms and Documents section.