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With expert knowledge and the utmost integrity, Forsyth Barr serves a full range of clients, from those wanting the best out of their KiwiSaver investment or interested in getting started with investing, perhaps buying some shares or joining an investment fund (which pools the funds of clients to give them access to a range of investments), to experienced investors with established portfolios.

As one of New Zealand’s largest investment firms, they are highly regulated, with established procedures to efficiently meet regulatory requirements. Their size also affords them the substantial benefits of one of New Zealand’s largest in-house research teams, which analyses the companies they invest in across New Zealand, Australia and their international networks. “This in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the market is essential for the strong performance of an investment portfolio,” says Forsyth Barr’s Christchurch Branch Manager, Ryan Cutts. “So, if you have investments, but don’t have the time, or would like some expert assistance with the management of your investments, Forsyth Barr can help."

If you are not comfortable attending to and administering the day-to-day aspects of your portfolio (such as dividend payments, tax reporting, etc.), Forsyth Barr can take care of this for you. “Our Portfolio Services,” says Investment Adviser Dale Walden, “can take care of the complete administration of your investments, including ongoing monitoring, regular reporting and access to research on securities and markets.”

Being a large firm, Forsyth Barr also allows clients to choose an Investment Adviser who is on the same page. “It’s really important,” says Investment Adviser Michelle Parkin, “to work with an Investment Adviser who understands your point of view – after all, this is the beginning of a life-long investing relationship.”  

Contact one of our offices directly, by following the links below, to arrange an appointment for a confidential no-obligation review of your investments with an Investment Adviser.

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Level 2, Deloitte House,
151 Cambridge Terrace,
Christchurch 8013

Phone: +64 3 365 4244


Ground Floor, 62 Cass Street,
Ashburton, 7700

Phone: +64 3 307 9540


Ground Floor, 82 Sophia Street
Timaru 7910

Phone: +64 3 684 8200