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Laura Makogon

Associate Adviser
Laura Makogon

DDI: +64 3 940 4193

About Laura

Laura Makogon joined Forsyth Barr Christchurch in 2023, having spent over 12 years in the financial services sector in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.
Currently working towards her NZX Adviser accreditation, Laura holds the Certificate in Financial Advice from Massey University, along with a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning from the University of Canterbury.
Outside of work, she enjoys travelling and exploring with her partner and their dog, Boris.

Laura is based out of the Christchurch office

Forsyth Barr Christchurch
Level 2, Deloitte House
151 Cambridge Terrace
Christchurch 8013

PO Box 13542, Christchurch 8140
Phone: +64 3 365 4244