About our fees

We aim to have simple and transparent fees across our services so that you know clearly what you are being charged.

We are a full service professional firm, not a discount operator, so we will not be the cheapest provider in the market.

Your initial meetings and discussions with us – in which we agree your investment goals and the service you require – are absolutely free of charge.

Fees and charges relate to the service being provided. Full details of these are contained in the Disclosure Statements on this website for our Investment Advisers.

Brokerage Summary

The cost of buying or selling securities through Forsyth Barr will be clear on the contract note you receive for the transaction.  There is no charge unless your transaction is executed.

We generally charge a minimum brokerage rate of $75 per transaction and have a maximum brokerage of 1.5% of the value of the transaction. This reduces for larger transactions or for those conducting high transaction volumes. Trade charges and offshore agent charges also apply where applicable (these are detailed in the Disclosure Statement for our Investment Advisers). 

Portfolio Advisory and Management

For our portfolio advisory and management services, there are no implementation, set-up or upfront fees and there are no exit fees. These types of fees are often charged by others in the market. 

We charge a single ongoing fee for the monitoring, management and administration of your investment portfolio. The fee also covers the safe custody and reporting that comes with our portfolio services.  

The standard annual fee is 1.5% of the value of your investment portfolio, with a minimum charge of $1,500 per annum.  The fee reduces depending on the size of your investment portfolio and the mix of your investments and in many circumstances, some or all of the fee may be deductible.

Transaction costs, such as brokerage, apply. However, these are at a rebated rate from standard levels and are kept to a minimum for managed accounts through our investment approach which monitors transaction levels. 

Details of the fees charged (in arrears) are clearly disclosed in the regular reports that are sent to you. 

For full details refer to the Disclosure Statements on this website for our Investment Advisers


Fees and charges associated with services such as cash management, KiwiSaver, our range of Investment Funds and our foreign currency service are also detailed in the Disclosure Statements for our Investment Advisers

For more information on Forsyth Barr’s fees and charges please call a Forsyth Barr Investment Adviser on 0800 367 227. 

If you're new to investing or just have a question please call us: 0800 367 227