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Investing is for everyone. We have put together this guide to help newcomers and seasoned investors alike navigate the investment process.

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What is investing?

Investing is about putting money into an asset with an expectation of gain. Investing is for everyone, at every stage of their life.

A basic form of investing is earning interest on a deposit at a bank. A more complex investment may be to purchase a diversified selection of local and overseas shares.

Not all investments are equal: values will vary and may go up or down depending on the current return and perceived risk relative to other investments.

This 'Introduction to investing' guide

This introduction to investing guide looks at investing options and how you might approach the investment process. It will help you to understand some basic principles of investing and understand which type of investment suits you.

This introduction to investing guide discusses the following topics:

  • matters to consider before investing
  • types of investments
  • risk and credit ratings
  • creating a portfolio
  • ongoing management
  • the Forsyth Barr approach
  • next steps

Forsyth Barr

Forsyth Barr has been helping private investors to make sound investment decisions for over 80 years. All of our Investment Advisers are qualified and will follow a set of principles and a defined approach to investment as follows:

  • Investing is a personalised discipline - it is not one size fits all.  Before making any decisions we work with you to determine your goals and circumstances
  • We develop appropriate investment strategies taking into account your risk tolerance and investment time horizon
  • Appropriate, ongoing management and reporting
  • All investment strategies must be reviewed regularly

What next?

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