Portfolio management

Forsyth Barr Private Portfolio Management is our comprehensive investment management service for clients. You determine the investment parameters without being involved in the day-to-day management of your investments.

Together, you and your Investment Adviser agree on and document a customised investment strategy. You then authorise us to manage your account within those parameters and we take care of all the administration of your portfolio.

Private Portfolio Management is provided by Forsyth Barr Investment Management Limited, which is licensed by the Financial Markets Authority to provide discretionary investment management services.

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Once your Forsyth Barr account is established your Investment Adviser will confirm your requirements and initiate this service for you.

If you are an existing client of Forsyth Barr you can transfer easily into this service. Please contact your Investment Adviser.

Private Portfolio Management provides you with:

  • Your own Investment Adviser who is the manager of your portfolio on a day to day basis under the supervision of Forsyth Barr Investment Management Ltd
  • A customised investment strategy able to be reviewed at any time
  • Professional management of your portfolio backed up by advice and recommendations from our team of investment experts
  • A comprehensive portfolio administration service including safe custody of your investments
  • Quarterly reporting on your portfolio to ensure you are informed at all times
  • Cash flow management for regular drawings or one-off lump sums
  • Year end tax reporting

Peace of mind

The Private Portfolio Management service provides you with confidence that the day-to-day management of your investments is being undertaken in line with your objectives and the instructions you have provided.  You retain overall control of your investments through the ability to remove or modify the authority granted to us.

People who use this service

This service is designed for investors who want quality investment management and portfolio administration:

  • Portfolio investor - we provide regular reports and reviews, in accordance with your investment strategy
  • High net worth investor - we deliver highly professional standards and practices you can
    rely on
  • New investor – if you are regularly saving and accumulating investments, we can manage your portfolio for you
  • Income investor - regular drawings or lump sums can be arranged as required
  • Trustee seeking professional management - we can help you meet your objectives to the Trust

Further details

More information about the Private Portfolio Management service is available in our Service Disclosure Statement, a copy of which can be obtained here or from your Investment Adviser.

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If you're new to investing or just have a question please call us: 0800 367 227