Professional Partners

We have been working with professional partners since our beginnings in 1936.

Through our network of 21 locations we are ideally placed to work with a wide range of professional partners, including accountants, solicitors, trustees, financial advisers and charitable trusts.

Mutually beneficial relationship

Our relationships are based on providing a complementary service to the professional partner. Under the regulatory regime for financial advisers, all advisers need to ensure they only provide financial advice where they are competent, capable and qualified. For that reason Forsyth Barr only offers investment services.  

We outsource matters such as risk management, taxation, accounting, legal and trust services.

If you become a professional partner with Forsyth Barr you can be assured that:

  • Your Primary Investment Adviser is an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA) and an NZX Adviser
  • Working with professional referrers is an important and growing part of our business.  We are well equipped to work with you
  • We are able to work locally with a wide range of professional partners given our network of 21 locations
  • We acknowledge the special arrangement we may establish with your underlying client. We protect your interests by ensuring those clients are not otherwise marketed to. We stick to providing investment services only
  • We treat any referred clients as premium clients which entitles them (with your consent) to receive market updates, access to IPOs, invitations to exclusive Forsyth Barr client functions and presentations, among other things. Those same privileges are always extended to the professional partner as well

Comprehensive income and tax reporting

Our investment services include both discretionary and non-discretionary options, depending on your client's requirements. Our investment services also include comprehensive portfolio reporting, including year-end income and tax reporting. Our income statements provide clients with details of all investment income received, imputation credits, resident withholding tax, FIF reporting (including the FDR regime), and other information required by the IRD.

Investment services for trustees

We work with a large range of Trusts, both charitable and otherwise, to assist Trustees in managing their obligations. 

Our investment services include specific performance reports to maintain transparency, and our regular quarterly reviews ensure mandates are maintained and that Trust Deed provisions are met.

We provide these services to larger entities seeking specialist investment management services, as well as to Trustees looking to work with an Investment Adviser for tailored advice and/or portfolio management.

To find out more how our businesses can work together for mutual benefit, please contact us at a local office or on 0800 367 227.