Management contacts

Neil Paviour-Smith

  • Managing Director

Guy Williams

  • Head of Investment Banking

Shane Edmond

  • Head of Private Client Services

Darren Manning

  • Co-Head of Markets

John Owen

  • Head of Advisory

Jonty Edgar

  • Co-Head of Markets

Gordon Noble-Campbell

  • Director, Private Client Services

Nick Hegan

  • Head of Legal and Compliance

Richard Dwyer

  • Director, Private Client Services

Paul Van Koningsveld

  • Chief Operating Officer

Trish Oakley

  • Head of Summer

Jim Hawker

  • Chief Financial Officer

Andy Bowley

  • Head of Research

Peter Cearns

  • Head of Operations Development

Rob Mercer

  • Head of Private Wealth Research

Max Brown

  • Head of Fixed Interest

Philip O'Neill

  • Head of Marketing

Michael Daymond-King

  • Head of Innovation
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