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We look forward to discussing how our investment advice can work for you. Our Investment Advisers are available to provide you with professional, personalised and confidential investment advice and a full range of investment services.

On the below map select the branch nearest you and then either call or email your preferred Forsyth Barr Investment Adviser. They are there to help you and will be pleased to hear from you.


Forsyth Barr Investment Advice Dunedin
Level 9
Forsyth Barr House
The Octagon
Dunedin 9016

Private Bag 1999, Dunedin 9054
Phone: +64 3 477 7464

Dunedin map

Call us on (03) 477 7464 or 0800 367 227 to arrange a time to discuss your investment objectives in confidence. Alternatively contact your preferred Dunedin Investment Adviser direct by email or phone.

Dunedin Investment Advisers

Ken Lister

  • Dunedin Manager

Tom Bliss

  • Investment Adviser

Suzanne Kinnaird

  • Investment Adviser

Peter Young

  • Investment Adviser

Lyn Howe

  • Investment Adviser

Kris Williams

  • Investment Adviser

John Gallaher

  • Senior Investment Adviser

Grant Batchelor

  • Investment Adviser

Gordon Tucker

  • Investment Adviser

Damian Foster

  • Investment Adviser